Mahasen Marine Private is Sri Lanka's leading solar and hybrid boat manufacture. With the decades long experience in renewable energy industry Mahasen Marine build most eco friendly boats and deliver all over the world. We design and manufacture full range of boats from small fishing boat to 80 feet dining cruise in our factory in Colombo - Sri Lanka. You are welcome to experience our most innovative boats series to explore and enjoy waters in an eco friendly manner.

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What is Solar Boat?

Solar Boats by Mahasen Marine

Throughout history, boats have relied on various sources of propulsion, including human power through paddling, wind power, or motorized power with the help of gasoline. However, technological advancements have brought about a revolution in the way boats are powered. In modern times, we have witnessed the emergence of solar-powered boats that use the sun's energy to promote environmental sustainability.

Solar boats, as the name suggests, derive their power from the sun. They incorporate the use of solar panels and storage batteries that convert sunlight into electrical energy to propel the boat. The incorporation of this technology results in an energy-efficient and eco-friendly mode of transportation that eliminates the dependence on fossil fuels.

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